Thursday, 23 April 2009

Book Week

It's Book Week again, and today they had a slumber party in Lucas' class. They were all in their pj's all day, and had been allowed to bring in their favourite teddies and pillows. It was a very cuddly and soft environment in their classroom today.
They started the day by having breakfast together, green (!) pancakes and cereals; a very cosy day all together.

As a lead in their celebration of Book Week, they have invited parents in as "Mystery Readers" all week, and today I had booked myself in. I was reading this book:

It's a cute story from NZ (set on a rugby field..!) about making new friends. Everybody seemed to like it.
I couldn't get a slot in Linnea's class as they had so many volunteers, but I will go in next week and read them a story too. It's lovely to be able to interact at school!

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