Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday

I must say, I found it a bit weird that today was just another day at school. I mean, after all we send the kids to an international school, where we celebrate lots of other holidays (Chinese New Year f.ex and of course the Hari Raya) - but not the biggest Christian festival of the year, Easter? I guess, it's because it's a religious holiday - but still, a big part of the students at school are of Christian belief.

Well, it's not like we practise religion immensely in this house... for us this weekend more equals Easter Bunny visit and chocolate eggs! :)

Easter in the Watson home is a mix of both our traditions.
Today we are eating Hot Cross Buns, that Nathan brought back from Perth (we also got some home baked ones fresh from the oven from our neighbours yesterday, love our neighbours!).

Tomorrow the kids will find Easter eggs (in cardboard) by their beds when they wake up, with little gifts in them - and they will get big hollow chocolate eggs both Saturday and Sunday too. (They have a few coming from friends too, so we are spreading it out!)
On Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny will have been, and left small chocolate eggs all around the house, for the kids to go and hunt for. We will do it inside though...

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