Saturday, 25 April 2009

An evening at Jerudong Park

We actually do have a superb attraction here in Brunei, for kids our kids age, that we often forget about - Jerudong Park.
We had only been there once before today, and I really don't get why we don't go there more often? This afternoon we went together with the Turners and the Roses, who also had some family visiting. The kids were playing and we had a little picnic (thank you Misuzu!).
Yes, it is a bit of a ghost place though. At least early in the evening when we go - but, it's fantastic! The kids just LOVE it!

There are not many rides, but just enough, and enough scary for our kids. They had loads of fun today!

The bumper cars were the big hit tonight. First we had a turn with kids, and then one without kids... It was GREAT fun!
The only reason we got the kids to leave today was promising they would come back soon, and luckily we already had a trip here planned for Friday, with some school friends. Yay!

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