Tuesday, 28 April 2009

{365:118} Wall of visitors

Wall of visitors.
Today we initialized a little project I've had in my mind for a while. We started a wall of photos in the guest room, of everybody who has been to visit us from overseas. Until date, there are only five frames - next week we can add one more when Nathan's sister & family are coming to see us (which is a first actually, they have never come to stay before, ever!).

Still, I really hope for a lot more visitors before we leave Brunei. It's such a different and special place, and you will never get a chance to visit it the way you will if you come and stay with someone who actually lives here.
It's also so nice to have guests in your home. (And, I've seen flights from Europe are cheap at the moment!)
Come on and make it onto our wall - I want to fill it!

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Anonymous said...

Fin bild....vi ska nog hinna komma och hälsa på igen innan ni hinner flytta! Kramar från Sverige