Sunday, 19 April 2009

JH3 Easter Hash

Today it was that Sunday of the month again - Junior Hash time! An event eagerly anticipated by the whole family. It's always a really nice outing, with lots of friends around for the kids to get muddy with, and lots of parents to catch up with for us.
Lucas and I took the long run today:

And Linnea and Nathan did the toddler run, still hard work, requires a lot of water:

This months hash was the Easter Hash, so after the usual shout-up it was time for egg throwing! Always a lot of fun! (This same Easter hash was the kids ever first hash actually last year.) Lucas threw some eggs with his mate Luke, and Linnea and her friend Keira did their best too.

Then Lucas and Nathan gave it a go:

(As usual, you wouldn't know I was ever there - cause no one ever takes pictures of me... boo-hoo.)

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Maria said...

That's the story of my life too!!!