Tuesday, 7 April 2009

{365:97} Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake.
As I might have mentioned before, we have a gas oven here. Yes, oven - as well as a gas hob. I don't mind the hob being gas, I like cooking on gas, but the oven... that's a different story. It only heats from the bottom too, so it's near to impossible to cook anything in there; either it doesn't cook all the way through, or gets burned in the bottom and definitely doesn't get brown on the top...

So I have borrowed this bench top oven, to see if that's the way to go. Today I'm baking a chocolate cake with After Eight-chocolate in it. Will actually go and sample it right now!

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Cissi said...

Ja fy för gasugnar! Det hade vi i amsterdam också. Gasspisar tycker jag bättre om än vanliga elspisar men gasugnen lärde jag mig aldrig. Till sist köpte vi en sån liten elektrisk ugn vi med ;) Hoppas det blev gott!