Thursday, 9 April 2009

Final term

We are well into the final term of this school year. I can help myself but thinking "Boy does time fly!" and I hear all the voices of the adults from my own childhood in my head. Back then, time didn't fly at all - but now I understand where they were coming from completely.

Lucas and his class mates will spend this last term preparing for the transition to Year One.
Linnea in a way, will prepare to move up to Kindy - although that's not such a big difference academically; "only" a new classroom, new teacher, one more hour in school, and eating both snack and lunch there.

The topic for the Reception kids for this term is called 'Sand and Water'. Their emphasis is on sand/water play, uses of water in our environment; finding out about water and the weather, animals that lives in water, importance of water and safety, water sports and transport.
Last week they did an excursion to a local beach (unfortunately both Nathan and I were unable to come along) to play in the sand and the waves; and tomorrow they are going to the Jerudong Fish Market. I'm looking forward to come along on that one! (Going to buy dinner!)

Linnea is off on excursion too, next week, to the SupaSave Supermarket! All the kids will bring $1 each, to buy something. Linnea has said she is going to buy apples, and Mentos (?). She loves going to the supermarket, so I'm sure she will enjoy that trip. I will try and come along there as well.

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