Saturday, 18 April 2009

Meanwhile, back home

Yesterday Nathan had to come and pick us up from our flight in the middle of the night, at 00.40. He and Lucas had spent the whole afternoon with the Dehlis, first biking at Muara beach, then swimming in their pool, and having dinner together at their place.

Oh no, end of the road!

When it was time to go home, Lucas himself got the bright idea he could just stay there instead of going home "alone". Well, to him, he has been home alone when Nathan has been at work two nights this week. Even though the amah has been there of course, I guess that's the feeling you get as a 5-year old.

So, that's how his first sleepover happened! A little bit impromptu, but none the less successful!

When we picked him up this morning, we got told that they had all been really good and they had slept all night. (They had woken up at 06.00 though...) Lucas said he wanted to stay there for another 100 days! I have a feeling this will become a re-ocurring happening!

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