Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Kuala Lumpur Day 2

Aaahhh, we didn't wake up this morning until our alarm went at 08.00! (Might have something to do with someone not able to settle until really late...)
We enjoyed a nice buffet breakfast downstairs in the hotel, with a view over the lobby:

The hotel is really nice. Here we are waiting to get picked up, Baby Monkey is coming too, of course:

We started today's adventures by going to the Mothership, just in case there wouldn't be time for much, I wanted at least to have that covered. Mothership?? Yes, IKEA! Check out these very cute and patriotic baking supplies:

We had lunch there (well, *duh*!) and also spent some time wandering around the shopping mall attached to IKEA.
Then back to the hotel to get changed for the afternoon's happenings. Here we are, ready to go:

We went out to an area called Putrajaya to go on one of these cruises. We sailed about the man-made Putrajaya Lake for a few hours, whilst enjoying a tasty buffet and some live music. It was beautiful!

The trio that played, and one of the many landmarks outside the window:

Linnea got to say hello to the Captain, and "steer" the boat:

Mummy and Linnea:

My beautiful girl:

On the upper deck:

It was a bit windy, and hard to get good pictures. It blew in our eyes!

This is the impressive Putra Mosque - so beautiful!

Back in the hotel, bedtime. Linnea and her "stuff". Whenever we go away, she packs her bag with the most random things. But, as long as they keep her amused, I don't mind.

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