Thursday, 9 April 2009

Join me!!

One of my biggest interests is, as you might know, photography. Down here I have really had the time to expand my skills, practise a lot and broaden my technical knowledge as well.
I have decided to take this passion of mine one step further and this fall I'm going to start two University courses (distance studies, via Jönköping University in Sweden) that will hopefully help me evolve even more:

- Photography, visual communication
- Digital photo editing

I did try last January to follow a similar course, but since Linnea was still at home with me then, I couldn't get a set time every day to get to do the assignments and work required. I quickly fell behind and had to give up.
This time, it's going to be a breeze, with both kids in school all morning I have all the time in the world!

If you would like to join me (and you speak Swedish...) you can read more about the courses, and about Moderskeppet, the people doing them here. Last day to sign up is the 15th of April! Join me, it'll be fun!

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John said...

Hej Boel!
Vilken bra idé. Jag är med.
/John från Almunge