Monday, 6 April 2009

Ready for Easter!

Today I decided to decorate the house a bit for Easter. Traditionally we take in birch or willow twigs to decorate, but that proved a bit difficult here... so I had to make do with some branches from a bush in the garden. Turned out ok though:

Here is my Toarpskrona (traditional candle light holder), dressed in it's Easter dress, and some cute bunnies I found in Berlin a few years ago:

Close-up of the bunnies:

And my Danish Menu Galerie candle light holders, with little chickens in them:

Now we are ready for the Easter Bunny to come! I also got some provisions while in Singapore, to do Easter fun with the kids this week. We are going to paint eggs and make other decorations, it will be fun!
Read more about Swedish Easter traditions here.

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Cissi said...

åh vad fint påskpyntat! jag har inget påskpynt :( Har iaf lite kvistar med fjädrar och ägg men det är allt. Måste nog köpa lite...