Friday, 24 April 2009

Book Week Parade 2009

Yes, today it was the big parade that marked the end of Book Week for this year. The Book Week Parade seems to be a favourite amongst the kids, who gets to dress as a character from a favourite book. Lucas wanted to reuse his successful "outfit" from last year, and be "Little Kiwi" again. This time he brought in the book "Little Kiwi kicks for goal". Here he is showing off his beak:

I made it easy for myself and actually only gave Linnea two choices, she could either be Pippi Långstrump or Tinkerbell (= Outfits we already had!). She chose Tinkerbell this time:

There were quite a lot of parents there for the parade, which was also bigger this year than last year. All the classes took turns to do a little walk in front of their friends. Here they are walking, especially Lucas looks so grown-up in his photo. He really took this parading seriously:

They were all so patient and well behaved while waiting for their turn. Lucas sitting next to "Where's Wallie?"-Nick, and Linnea next to "Bob the Builder"-Daniel.

Here's one of my favourites today, our neighbour Sofia as "Cat in the hat". Isn't she adorable?

There were many super outfits actually, a really enjoyable morning!

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