Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Jerudong Park

Since it wasn't raining tonight, we decided to have an early dinner and go to Jerudong Park with the kids. Again - we hadn't been yet (!), so it was a first for us as well, a bit of a rekkie!

Jerudong Park was built in 1994 in conjunction with the Sultan's 48th birthday celebrations. It was the largest and most expensive amusement park built in South East Asia, and back in the day it was a state-of-the-art theme park. During it's first few years of operation, Jerudong Park featured no admission fees and free rides.
At the peak of its glory, the 57 ha big park was packed with visitors who had a selection of more than 30 different rides to choose from, including the first suspended looping coaster in Southeast Asia.
Big artist as Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson were flown in to perform in the park, and everything was free!

However, the number of visitors and tourists has dropped significantly since then and the administration has started a small admission fee. Now there is just a few rides still open, but it was still nice for kids our kids' age. It's like one big playground.

There was just one other little group of people there, otherwise we had the whole place to ourselves. It's like a ghost town, slightly spooky, but the kids had a good time trying out a few of the rides:

Just before we left Morfar and Nathan took the kids on the bumper cars. We thought we would never get them out of there! They all had so much fun driving around and crashing into eachother - the kids were laughing so hard and giggling so much at every crash, but I'm not sure who had most fun actually...

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