Monday, 27 October 2008

The Lego empire

Mormor has been really busy since she has been here. Her mission has been to build ALL Lucas' Lego - and she has done it with great passion! Actually I'm not sure who has had most fun? (Daddy has helped too, to be honest, Mummy has mostly tried to sort the pieces with no great results...)

Here is but a glimpse of the Lego empire:

The whole of Lego City has been constructed, and the Star Wars, and the Mars Mission, and the Batman, and the Indiana Jones and... well, you get the point. ALL of it!

Here she has started to take on the Duplo, that Linnea now has inherited. She is almost done and Linnea is thrilled to have some Lego all of her own!

Both kids have been playing with the Lego & Duplo for hours and hours on end these last few weeks. I love hearing them talk and tell their stories, and take part in their very imaginative play (today the garbage guy celebrated his 100th birthday f.e, with a climbing wall and a big playground for all his friends!).

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