Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The downside with a blog

I have been writing this blog now for over a year, and I've noticed the more I write, the more I find to write about and some days it kind of just writes itself!
It's gone from being a blog for just friends and family about what our new life was like - to a bit of a diary for myself, as well as a tool for keeping you all in the loop.
I really enjoy writing it, as it keeps me on to things and forces me to keep seeing my life with fresh eyes, which is nice.

There is one downside though, and that is that everybody are now far too informed! People never get in touch anymore, they can read on the blog how we are. Even people here in Brunei read it, and can't be bothered calling us etc, because they already know what we have or will be up to.
It's kind of boring. It's become a one-way communication, and I miss hearing from you all! So - keep in touch people, keep in touch, write us an email right away telling us what YOU are up to! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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NETTAN said...

I couldn't said it better myself! I feel exactly the same way - esepcially now that I too have the feejdit and can see how many people are reading my blog and.... NOTHING in return.
I still gladly do it though, I'm on my 4th year! It really is a diary for myself and I really enjoy having it to look back in. Don't know why I'm writing this comment in english.. ;)

Nettan (i Kanada)