Sunday, 26 October 2008

Tasek Lama

It's been a very unusual weekend here in Brunei, it has actually rained non stop from Friday afternoon until this Sunday afternoon! Night and day - just rained and rained and rained... That has never happened before during the time we have been living here and normally I wouldn't be too bothered (we sure get enough sun), but it's a shame since my parents are here.

Today we took the kids to the Jungle Gym (indoor play center) to get them out of the house a little bit. It's only so much Lego you can build before even the most hardcore Lego fan gets a bit stir crazy...

When we got out of the Jungle Gym, it had actually stopped raining for a bit! Or at least, it wasn't pouring down, so we decided to go and explore one of the parks that is situated smack bang in the middle of town, Tasek Lama.

We actually hadn't been there yet, and I was really pleasantly surprised. It was super nice, really well looked after, had a nice playground for the kids, a 8m climbing wall and a lot of pretty scenery.

Of course, we didn't go around any long tracks since we had the kids with us (and the Dehlis, our Danish friends), but what we saw was really beautiful. Since it has been raining like crazy the waterfall was coming down in a raging speed and so were the little streams around the park.

Tasek Lama is a recreational park where loads of people do their daily exercise. Especially in the afternoons it's packed with joggers and walkers all around the tracks and hills.
Another crowd that hang around Tasek Lama, are these fellas:

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