Saturday, 18 October 2008

Linnea 3 years

Since we will be away for Linnea's birthday, and we were having her party today for all her little friends, we decided to do the whole celebration today, from early morning on.

Linnea slept in our bed last night (well, like every night...), but this morning we told her to go in and "sleep" in her own bed for a little while. We then sang for her, and she got to open all her presents in bed, just like tradition.

She got lots of lovely presents, both from Mormor and Morfar who are here at the moment and from us of course - but she also had packets to open that had been sent all the way from NZ (Grandma & Granddad) and Oz (the cousins) and even Denmark (the Godmother).

"Lucas" had bought her a scooter:

We then got ready for the party, decorated the house and put balloons up everywhere, it got very festive; the main piece was the new birthday banner that Mormor had made:

We had also booked a bouncy-water-slide, which was really popular!

The lunch was popular too, our amah had done a fab job! We had pasta salad, vegetable noodles, really tasty home made spring rolls, cheese sausages, Swedish meatballs and of course fresh fruit and snacks. Mmm!

Again, we had ordered a box of individual cupcakes instead of a cake, from Kitchen of Jasmine (super yum, reasonably priced, nice people) - and they looked amazing! They spelled out: "Linnea 3 years"

Everybody got to choose one, some even got two! ;)

All our guests made the morning into a great party and the birthday girl was very happy, but worn out in the end... She went to have a rest on the sofa (with her party bag, of course!) and fell asleep before the last guests had even left... bless...

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