Thursday, 16 October 2008

Happy pre-birthday!

We will celebrate Linnea's birthday on Saturday (her actual birthday is on Tuesday the 21st), since we will be in Miri (Malaysia) on her real birthday.
We will sing to her in the morning, let her open her presents, and we have a party planned for her and her little friends over lunch time. She is very excited and is so much looking forward to it all, she can't wait!

Today her first birthday present got revealed though (because I wanted it here in time for the party) - a play house that we have had built by our trusty carpenter. He mounted it this morning, and we are so pleased, it turned out really well!

I had found a picture I liked, and some measurements on the internet, and that was all he had to go by - the idea with the slide was my own. It came off this old climbing frame that the previous tenants had left in the garden.
Tomorrow we just need to go and find some little furniture for it, and maybe make some nice curtains and decorate it a bit to make it "homely". The kids (and I!) already love it, I'm sure they will have lots of fun playing in it!

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Amelia said...

Vilket fint hus!!! Med rutschkana och allt!