Saturday, 4 October 2008


Not only did I meet the Queen on Friday, it was a big day for another reason too - we finally had our long awaited Housewarming!
Not only did we wait for 11 months to get our house, but since we got it, it has seemed impossible to find a date. You dont want your party to clash with other events going on, plus finding a Friday that Nathan was off... Finally, Friday was the day!

We had been preparing all week, so even though I was more or less housebound with Linnea the last few days, it was no big deal. I just had minor things to fix on the day.

We had hired a tent, in case it would rain (which it didn't do until after midnight, so that was ok), and I had put oil lamps all over the garden, which looked really, really nice when people came - really gave it all a nice atmosphere.

Our nice neighbours had lent us their outdoor furniture so we could offer seating space for a lot of people, although it wasn't necessary in the end, most people just stood around, or mingled. One of our friends had brought a big box of fireworks that got set off, which also was really cool!

Since we had so many guests (about 90), we had opted for inviting people only for drinks rather than dinner and put on some snacks and nibbles. But, we had also booked the "shawarma-man"! A guy that comes out from one of the Arabic restaurants, with his portable shawarma grill, and makes fresh kebabs for people - super nice! He was booked to come later on in the evening, and even though I never thought all 100 kebabs would go - they did! I guess you always tend to get a bit peckish after you have been drinking a bit.

We had a disco-bottle/ball and later in the evening people got dancing a bit, but of course, as in any good party - most of the action went on in the kitchen!

It was a great night, and I hope and believe everybody enjoyed themselves! We certainly did, it was great finally to host a party! Thank you everybody for coming and for all the great Housewarming gifts!

The best part was being able to sleep in the next morning (we got to bed at 03.30) since the amah took the kids. Also, even though we had sort of cleaned up a bit before going to bed (we took all the glasses, empty cans and bottles out in the kitchen and took away all the rubbish - so that the kids wouldn't come down and see a big mess) it was superb coming down at 11.00 and the house was already spotless again! You wouldn't even know there had been a party! The amah had done the dishes, disposed of the rubbish, put the furniture back, cleaned up outside, done the floors etc - it was like a fairy godmother had been through and waved her wand and 'poof', it was clean!
We sure live a good life down here!

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