Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The market

Sometimes I go to the market here to buy my vegetables, and to get fresh fish and prawns. I like the markets, everything is so fresh - and cheap!

Today we went to the market in Bandar Town, which is supposed to be a market not only with food but also handicraft items etc. It's located along the river and is on every day. I just have never been before, cause I rarely have any reasons to go to Bandar.

I wasn't too keen though on this one I must admit... Sure, it's interesting to see all the different - and to us, strange - vegetables and things they are selling, and all the different fish, both fresh but mostly dried (for snacks, uuuh!). But the fish smell at 9 am wasn't very pleasant, so we left the market after having snapped the obligatory photos, and went for a walk in town instead.


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