Friday, 10 October 2008

The plant market

Our house has a very ugly net fence all the way around it, and I have been wanting for a while to do something to cover it up a bit - or put something pretty in front of it, like flowers or plants, to lead the eyes away.
I have plenty of plants, the only trouble is that most of them can't be out in the direct sunshine but needs to be under the shade.

So, today Tash, Anne and I went to the plant market to have a look around. I had never been before so I just wanted to have a stroll around and get an idea of prices etc. I was after plants that actually will survive the direct sun. I now have my eye on some bouganvilla-looking plants/trees that I will buy next week when I will take Mum (!) down to the market.

So, I didn't buy anything today but the other girls did:

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