Friday, 17 October 2008

Monkey mart

There are tons of supermarkets and little "haji marts" here in Brunei, so it's easy in a way to pop down and get your groceries. The only thing is, if you want fresh milk (and I do!) and any other normal dairy products, there is just one choice, the SupaSave supermarket. The others only sell long-life milk, and very limited selections of dairy products.

There are two SupaSaves, and I used to go to a different SupaSave before when we lived in Rimba, than I do now - and in fact it's still my favourite. I actually try to still go to that one, when it's not too much out of my way. For two reasons: I find my way around a lot better in that one and it doesn't have any monkeys outside!

Yes, because at the one that is closest to me now, there is a big troupe of monkeys living in the jungle just outside!
Some days there are more than others, the other day there must have been at least 50 of them - and it was actually a bit scary. They sit on the cars, around them, all very close to where you have to go in and out of the shop; and I've heard that they are not afraid of stealing things out of the carts!
Not mine though, I was super quick loading my car and away I went, after having snapped a few shots of them of course!

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