Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Today was the day!

Today they had pyjama day at school in Lucas class. They all came dressed in their PJs, with their teddies, tooth brushes and favourite stories. I told Lucas this morning to be very careful with Pooh-bear though, so he wouldn't get lost at school. He then thought for a bit and said: "Maybe he should stay here at home", and took I-or with him instead.

They are talking about personal hygiene this week, and also about bed time routines. Appropriately today, Lucas also lost his tooth!
At school, and, he literally lost it. He had no idea where it was, and the teachers were oblivious as to where he had been when he lost it. All he told the teachers was "I am five now, I am five".
So, I guess we will have to make something up for the tooth fairy to get instead, a drawing or something...

Everybody were very surprised about Lucas' tooth, but I read somewhere that if you get your teeth early, you will start loosing them early. Lucas got his first tooth at the tender age of 3 months, so I guess it's normal to start loosing them already.


Larssons said...

Filip lost his first tooth two weeks before his fifth birthday. I know he had two teeth at 6 months so I guess it is get them early -loose them early

Mia said...

Yay! That means L won't loose any for a while. She was well over 10months before she had any! :)

Lucas looks adorable with his "glugg"