Friday, 10 October 2008

Blast from the past

Like many others these days I'm on Facebook. It's a fun way of getting back in touch with all these people and friends who have crossed my path in the past - I'm really enjoying that.
Until now, I haven't put any pictures on my profile (I think I share enough of my life here!) at all. For a while though, some of my old flying collegues have been sharing pictures from back in the day, and I got so inspired that I dug some of mine out too the other day!

This must be one of my absolute all-time favourite photos from my time as a charterprincess! This was it, life as a hostie, as good as it got! Check it out:

(Me and two collegues in a beach jacuzzi in Dubai. Hard working!)

I wont show any more pictures here, you can check them on my FB page if you are curious. They sure have brought back memories though... I have been reminiscing a bit lately. Those were the days of no worries, no responsibilities, no tomorrows (no wrinkles, no left-over baby fat) - haha! It's already TEN years ago, it's un-be-liev-able!

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