Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Yes, 05.45 this morning, a very happy chap came rushing in to our bedroom, jumping into our bed, shouting:
-"I got a present from the Tooth Fairy! I got a present from the Tooth Fairy!!!"

The poor father had returned from work very, very late and was wondering "Can't we do this later..?" but what can you do, loosing your first tooth is a big deal!
So, we had to "ooo" and "aaah" a bit over the letter the Tooth Fairy had left, over the money - but mostly over the tooth brush! Lucas was so excited he got a new "racing car"-tooth brush!
He brought the letter to school this morning so he could show his teachers and his friends, he was very proud!

And I'm already on my 2nd cup of coffee for the day...


Mia said...

Gullunge! :)

Maria said...

Hi Boel. It's Maria from the hash. Love your blog. Check us out on