Thursday, 23 October 2008

Our cute Pippi Långstrump

One of the presents Linnea got was a full dress-up costume with wig and shoes and everything, to look like Pippi Långstrump (=Pippi Longstocking).

She wasn't too impressed, and has only worn it once so far, for these photos. I'm sure it will come to good use eventually though, the kids love to dress up. (It was mostly the Mummy who wanted it for her...) Maybe there will be a Halloween party, or else she will wear it for International Day at school this year! She looks so very cute though! Especially in this 2nd photo, just like Pippi with big steps on her way somewhere!


Cissi said...

så söt hon är!! Sophie skulle älska den där dressen! Hon är ju helt pippi tokig ;)

Familjen i Rom said...