Saturday, 25 October 2008

Rain, rain - go away...

... please come back another day.

We are in the wet season now. For sure. Last year I can't remember it ever bothered me that it rained or that it never really rained long enough to call it a rainy period. Now it does. Must be because my parents are here...

Mostly it rains for a bit every evening, which is ok - but today it has rained not only all night, but ALL day too. A lot.
Just when you think that it can't possibly rain any more, Mother Nature turns it up a notch more and let it pour so much the trees bend over and the roads flood.

So we have had a homely day, building Lego. Lucas whole Lego City is now built up and Mormor have moved on to the Duplo, for Linnea. Quite a mission but a good thing to do on a rainy day.

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Familjen i Rom said...

Vad mysigt detlåter, hoppas det blir mer uppehållsväder för er!