Thursday, 23 October 2008

Kids Hash October

On Sunday it was time for the kids hash again. I thought that would be about the right amount of jungle walking for my parents so we all went along!
Unfortunately this time, the toddler trail wasn't really a proper one. Actually, it wasn't even in the jungle but out over an open field - just out and back the same way, for 20 minutes. So, not only did they miss out on the proper hashing experience, but it was also really hot since we were in plain sun. Ah well.

We got some nice views though, over Bandar City, the main mosque and even the palace (you can spot it to the left in this photo):

Walking along, in the heat:

Here is Lucas and Nathan, who had done the longer run, coming down from the big hill at Subok:

This hill:

Lucas and Nathan coming back:

After the run, eating hot dogs and having a rest:

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