Friday, 31 October 2008

Experiencing every aspect of Asia

We went out for dinner last night to the ILotus, one of the better restaurants here in Brunei, and had a lovely meal. They are known for their 'coconut prawns' but we also had some sweet-and-sour fresh fish fillet and some honey & ginger chicken, with seafood fried rice. It was all so yummy!

We were all very full when we got home, and no one had any room for dessert, or even coffee. Mum didn't feel very good and she actually threw up before going to bed, but we thought that was just from over eating a bit. Until - I woke up by Nathan telling me that his farting had come with some consequences...

Then it all broke loose, he kept going back, and letting it out from all directions - I struggled all night, not to start vommitting and was actually ok to drive the kids to school this morning.
When I came back, it turned out Mum had continued to be sick all night, and Dad had just started as well! Yes, we have been so charming the bunch of us all day!

I managed to go and pick Linnea up, but one of our friends offered to bring home Lucas later when she saw the state of me - and we have all spent the rest of the day on the sofas, and in the cool air conditioned bedrooms, feeling pretty sorry for ourselves.

Now, we seem to have got rid of it all, and we had all had some dry toast (yay...) for dinner. The kids weren't with us, so they have been all go all day (we're feeling really bad we couldn't take them to their Halloween party tonight though, but what can you do?) and now we are going to try some tea!

I guess, food poisoning is another thing you have to try at least once here in Asia, part of the experience, huh?


Familjen i Rom said...

Det lät inte vidare kul...

Scrapper-holic said...

Oh my goodness I'm so sorry to hear bout wat happened to you guys. That is a really bad experience and really rare in Brunei. Was it food poisoning from iLotus?