Saturday, 1 November 2008

Celebrity spotting

HRH Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are in Brunei for a two day official visit at the moment.
We haven't been directly affected by this at all, but in the British community the buzz has been on for a while - since there was a luncheon held today, and some of our friends in the Royal Navy, RAF and Loan Service teams had been invited. Until last minute, they were all trying to sort out their outfits and proper attire, hat or no hat? :)
(I heard afterwards, that sadly most of them didn't even get to chat with the Royals, cause they ran out of time and had to leave. So our friends waited for 3 1/2 hours, for nothing...)

I took my parents to the Empire for a swim this afternoon, and I'm not sure if HRH and Camilla were still there, but all the special security measures sure were anyway. We had to pass an x-ray machine to get in to the hotel (!) and there was guards and security personnel everywhere. Quite exciting!

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