Friday, 7 November 2008

International Day 2008

Today we celebrated International Day at school. It's the favourite day of the school year for many, as it's a such a nice morning and it really shows exactly how international school JIS is.
First all the classes in Junior school gathered in the common ground for a parade - showing off their different costumes. Some came dressed in national dress, some dressed as known characters from their countries. Lucas was a viking with helmet, sword and shield; and Linnea came as Pippi Långstrump (=Pippi Longstocking).

Class by class the kids went up on stage, and they then told us which countries were represented in each class. One class had 13 different nationalities, Lucas' class 10! It's quite amazing!
Everybody, even the teachers and some parents, were dressed up and it was great to see all the cool costumes!

After the parade, the kids got to "travel around the world" in the playground, where some of the parents had been preparing tables with things from their different countries.
Anne and I were sharing a table, showing things and photos from Denmark and Sweden; the kids could also "go to" England, Wales, Ireland, France, China, Brunei, USA, Germany, Cyprus, New Zealand, Australia and Tunisia.
They had little passports, where we glued in "stamps" from each country, and they got small presents from some, and taste some local food from others. I had made meatballs (halal though... so not 100% "Swedish" ones...) and had brought "Ahlgrens bilar" (=candy) from IKEA - very popular!

Like last year, this was really popular, the kids seemed to enjoy it a lot, and so did the parents - it was a super nice morning. Here are some snapshots:

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Mia said...

Åh vad fina de är. Det måste verkligen vara fantastiskt att ha barnen på en så internationell skola. :)