Friday, 16 November 2007

International Day 2007

Today we celebrated International Day at school. It was such a nice day!
Lucas was dressed up in his Swedish football kit and he looked so sporty and cool! Unfortunately I didn't have any special outfit, will have to get one for next year - maybe I should be a Viking then? :)

The day started with all the kids from Junior School in a great parade in front of all the parents.
Later on the Kindy kids came for a trip around the world at their playground - where all the mums had set up different tables and stalls, with all the countries the kids are from represented.

There is ONE other Swedish mum at Kindy (nice, because apparently we are only five Swedes total in Brunei, according to the Consulate!) so I didn't have to do it all on my own. We were very proud of our table, and our chokladbollar (=chocolate balls) proved to be a great success!
We had some Swedish children's books on display, a soft toy Pippi Långstrump with her horse, a Bamse, a Swedish flag, some Swedish Christmas decorations, some photos of snow and some information sheets about Swedish music artists, Swedish sportsmen, Swedish brands and Swedish inventions.

All the kids wandered around the stalls with their little "passports" and got stamps from every country they visited. They also participated in making small Eiffel Towers, colouring in flags, getting their hands painted with henna, trying local instruments and receiving some souvenirs and yummy local food to eat. It was great fun!

Here is a little slide show from today:

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Anna said...

Hej, Vad du ar duktig pa din Blog!!! Marks att du spenderar mycket tid pa att gora den fin! Hoppas att allt ar ok.
Kram Anna