Monday, 26 November 2007

My next challenge

I have tried something down here in NZ this time, I hadn't done before - I have played tennis!
Well, played might actually be a little bit too much said, but at least I have been on the court, hitting a few balls!

I have been reluctant to try for a very long time, although I have had plenty of opportunities. I always thought I wasn't going to be able to even get the ball over the net. I thought you had to be a lot more strong and fit to play tennis, than what I am.
But no, I actually didn't do too bad!

So, now I have decided to get signed up for tennis lessons as soon as we get back to Brunei! I seem to really enjoy it, and I think it will be a perfect way of getting fit and staying in shape - while having fun!

On another fitness note, I was offered to come with Grandma to her spin-fit class this morning. I should have gone of course (all in line with my new regime, trying out new things, keeping fit) but I didn't.
I didn't for the simple reason that I didn't want everybody to know that I'm not even half as fit as my mother-in-law... ;) She is one tough cookie you know - spin-fit class this morning, and this afternoon she was out water skiing!

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