Tuesday, 13 November 2007

First time at the gym

Yesterday when I came to the Country Club, ready to participate in the BodyPump workout, I found out that our instructor was away, and the BodyPump had been replaced with yoga.

I will try out yoga, some day, but wasn't really set on that yesterday. So instead, I went into the gym, and worked out at the machines, with my friend Anna's help.

This wasn't just my first time at the gym here in Brunei, it was actually my first time EVER working out with machines..! (If you don't count that one time several years ago I did a gym session in CPH. I had bought a yearly membership, and got shown around - but I never actually went again, it was one expensive workout...)

Anyway, it was surprisingly ok. I have always thought it was going to be far to monotonous for me to do machines, but I kind of enjoyed it! I will definitely do more of that in between my classes - and bring my iPod next time!

The good thing with the gym here is, that even though it's a state-of-the-art gym with all the latest gear, it is for the "normal" people like myself. The people who come to workout are mostly expats who just wants to keep fit, not bodybuilders. Mums with some extra wobble, just like me!
Oh, and then of course, there is one of the Sultans brothers, a Prince, and his wife the Princess (have never really caught her name...), who come every morning as well. So I'm working out with the royals, pretty cool, huh!

This is the view from my gym:

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Anna said...

Wow, that looks good! look at you, Running with the Royal Prince!!!!!! I bet you will get very fit :)