Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Guy Fawkes 2007

We went down to the beach last night with a few friends, had a bit of a bbq and lit some fireworks to celebrate Bonfire Night.

Around the bonfire.

Linnea, Amanda, Nathan & Lucas

My family

Will and Luke lighting "the big one", or at least trying to, in the rain.

It was really, really nice - apart from the small details that Linnea was scared of the rockets and Lucas afraid of the dark.., and the rain became heavier and heavier...

Here I am, in the dark, completely soaked! It is Lucas under the stripy-green towel and Linnea under the dark green one in my lap..!
We didn't stay long unfortunately, but found out today that the others had packed up as well, just after we left. The rain won sadly.

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