Thursday, 8 November 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

In between feeling quite lonely down here, I am also really busy, and this week has been hysterical!

Monday I did my workout at the gym in the morning, picked Lucas up from school and also had to pick Nathan up from the airport and then pick up the second car that we have bought (a "bucket", just to drive to and from the airport in) and then off to the beach for the Guy Fawkes Night.

Tuesday, I did my workout at the gym and then my weekly shopping. In the afternoon I picked Lucas up from school, and went for a coffee at a friends house and in the evening the normal chores with the kids.

Yesterday Linnea was visiting Kindy in the morning, siblings day. Then her and I went to the Christmas Fayre the British Community Link was organizing and on the way to pick Lucas up we had to go shopping for some things I had forgot the day before. In the afternoon I had the neighbour over for a play date and then we went to some friends for a BBQ in the evening.

Today I have had my swimming lesson this morning, followed by my coaching session. Then I took the kids to the Yacht Club this afternoon and this evening I have been on a Private Viewing of the work of a local artist, and having coffee at a friends house.

Tomorrow I'm taking Linnea to toddler group and after that I am going to the gym. We might go and see a house, and in the afternoon Lucas is having a play date over...

*Phew*... Life sometimes is really busy!

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Anna said...

Well, it sounds that you are having a very busy time down there. Next time we mett you will be well fit!