Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Alarm clock failure

Ever since we got here, we have had a little alarm clock called Linnea coming in to our bed, early every morning. (Because she can, before we came here she was in a cot. Now she is in a normal bed.)
Usually it's about five o'clock, which of course is far to early to get up. She tends to come in, cuddle up and go back to sleep though, most days...
(If we are unlucky, she sits in our bed and tells us "waking, downstairs, gå ner, frukost (=breakfast)!!" over and over again in a loud voice, while she pokes us in the face...)

Today the little alarm clock came in, woke her Daddy up and declared she had done a poo (!), and needed new diaper. So, she got changed, and came back in to our bed and fell asleep again.
Apparently very deep, because I woke up about ten minutes before when we normally leave the house..!

Fortunately, I had everything packed and ready since last night, both Lucas and my gear - so we could shoot off to school and the gym without getting late at all, and we even had time for breakfast first!

Maybe it is time, to set the normal alarm clock too by now.

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Larssons said...

Åhh vilket drömscenario! Även om det innebär strss till skolan men att få somna om ..åhhhh. Ingen av mina skruttar har förstått tjusningen med detta.