Wednesday, 7 November 2007


I think it has finally happened, it is all paying off... I can see it now! YES!

See what?!
A change.

You know, even though our (I'm writing our, because it is affecting the whole family) whole lifestyle change is about more than just my weight issue, it is of course part of it.
I can't see it in any big way on the scales yet (must be because muscles are heavier than fat, right?) but I have been feeling it for a while - and today, I do think I actually can SEE a change in my body too - lovely feeling!

Mind you, going from doing absolutely no exercise at all in the UK - to working out at the gym three times a week, having one swimming lesson and one swimming practise; plus eating a lot healthier, must give a positive result!

Maybe it is just my attitude that has changed, but one thing is for sure, something is happening, and I am starting to feel happy about myself again.
I am longing for Monday mornings, to go to the gym, to workout. I was so down last week when I was sick and had to cancel my swimming lesson and couldn't do any workout. I really enjoy my exercise!

I still have far to go, but it is happening!


Famiglia Teti said...

Toppen! Kämpa på! Själv har jag lagt ner projekt framtill provet den 27. Kan inte plugga och ändra livstil på samma gång. Kram

Cissi said...

vad duktig du är!! om du tränar så mycket så tror jag att det är musklerna som väger. Kul att du känner och ser resultat!!

Mia said...

Heja, heja!! Det händer massor, jag lovar.

Vad du e suveränt duktig!


Anna said...

vad duktig du är! jag är djupt impad. anna uk