Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Satu, due, tiga!

I have plenty of personal goals, for my "new life" down here in Brunei.

I was thinking before we came, that moving countries would be the perfect opportunity to get new routines into my life, and the life of our family as a whole. For the family, it is working fine! We have been starting out with quite a few changes and some new and improved rules for the kids to follow. We have managed to break some of the bad habits we had created in the UK already. That is all good!

I also thought that all the extra time I would get on my hands (thanks to the amah!) would be spent doing things I always have wanted to do, but never got around to.

So here we go, some of my goals:
* Starting a blog, and write in it continuously - check! ;)
* Doing some online university studies - check, I have applied to do a course in Photoshop and Digital photo editing, starts in January.
* Learn malay - check, I have started an online course, and do a lesson every evening! 'Satu, due, tiga' means one, two, three!

So far so good! I actually have lots of more things on my list, but will tell you more about them on a later occasion.


Mia said...

Well done you!! :)

It's hard enough moving house, but changing country AND habits. *hats off to you*

Ciccan said...