Saturday, 8 September 2007

Lots of firsts

At the moment we are having lots of firsts. Today we had:

* First time at the big mall. Not very impressive, but at least it had a few shops that could be interesting. And of course, we went to the scrapbookshop!! *Yay* Talked to the owner, and they are looking for instructors, because at the moment all they are doing is just beginners classes. So next time I go I will bring my albums and show her what I am doing, to see if I'm good enough.

* First time at the local "golden arches" for lunch... They had funny looking chicken nuggets, but the kids munched them happily which is all that matters.

* First time at the RBA club, which is a club to which employees of RBA becomes members automatically. Nothing superfancy, but very nice, and they had a big normal pool, and a big paddling pool. Great! Water didn't go higher than Linneas waist, so I can take them there to swim without actually having to go in myself if I don't want to. Kids (and Nathan) had a great play!

* First time I drove here! I drove us home from the RBA club, since it is just next to the airport, so a route I will probably use quite a lot. Bruneians drive like mad people, best thing is to get in to their rythm and go with the flow, but be very aware at all the other cars.
I'm looking forward to when we get a car sorted, a proper one - then I will take a few days and just go driving around everywhere so I will learn my ways around quicker.

* First party tonight! We are invited to the Scotts for a BBQ. Unfortunately Nathan is flying, so I will have to go alone, and bring the kids as our amah is sitting for the other kiwi family who is going too. Ah well, we will not stay long, hopefully they will behave.

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Seatwave Sellers said...

Vad kul med scrappingen! Det vore väl toppen ifall du kunde kombinera din hobby med litet socialisering!
Hoppas att kalaset hos skottarna var kul!