Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Play it again Sam

Our bedtime routines have really gone out the window the last few months, and it has only gone from bad to worse, to really terrible. We need to get them back!
I used to be able to go and sit with Linnea in her room, while she had her milk, and then put her down in her bed; say goodnight and walk out of the room. She then fell asleep by herself within no time at all.

At the moment, it looks something like this:
I sit with her and read her a story while she has her milk. Then (if she gets it her way) I'm supposed to lie down beside her, hold her hand and sing her the Swedish song "Lille Katt" (from Emil), but not all the verses so I at least could get some variety - no, no, just the first one about the cat; over, and over and over again...
She has even learned how to say "en gång till bara" (=just one more time)! Most of the times though, I fall asleep before her...

So, we are trying now, to get her back into her old ways. I sing the song once (sitting on the end of her bed), and then walk out of the room. It doesn't work very well though, since she is now in a big bed. She swiftly climbs out of it and comes to find me...
But, hopefully we will get there, eventually!
By the time Lucas starts school and we all will have to get up at 06.20 or earlier (!), they will probably be so knackered at nights they fall asleep without any problems!

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