Saturday, 29 September 2007


We have finally made a decision on the car we will get. It will be a white one of these:

A Toyota Fortuner; it is a 7-seater with 4-wheel drive. Cool, huh?
Ever since we had our Landrover in Copenhagen, I have wanted a car where you "sit high" again. For a long time now, I have also dreamed of a car with 7 seats. Makes life so much easier, especially when you have guests. (Hint, hint!)
We will go down to the Toyota dealer on Monday, and since we know they have them in stock - we should have our one already next week!! Yay!

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dosiss said...

Jättefin! Tyvärr sâ skulle det inte funka här i min franska stad; vägarna är alldeles för trânga och man sicksackar alltid mellan bilar som stâr uppställda varsomhelst. Fickparkera ska vi inte ens nä