Monday, 3 September 2007

We are here!!

So, here we are, in our new home!
I don't know how much the kids have understood yet, that we are actually going to live here now - but they seem just happy seeing all their toys again. They have been busy all afternoon playing with everything at once, house looks like a mess...

We took the chance yesterday morning and went out to the airport. Got really lucky and got two buisnessclass seats from London to Dubai - and then a seat each on the night flight from Dubai to Brunei. See, that's the way of travelling!!

Nathan managed just to meet us at the airport, before he had to go to work. He was standing just outside the aircraft in his uniform (and his shiny hat :)) when we got off, and the kids didn't see it was him at first, but just said "Hej Piloten!" to the nice pilot standing there waving at them!

So, a friend brought us home to the house and we have been discovering it all by ourselves this afternoon.
I have unpacked, a bit, it is all just a mess. I kind of need to start rearranging Nathans "systems" before I can get anything in to wardrobes and drawers! ;)

Haven't been outside since we came, but it was 28 degrees when we landed this morning, and rained a bit.
House is nice, but only has 3 bedrooms, so we need to look for something bigger, eventually. The amah came this afternoon, and she played with Lucas while Linnea and I had a snooze - he was too busy for sleeping. We will see how long he will last tonight..!

Ah well, just a short update. Pictures will follow once I am just a tiny bit more sorted! Promise!

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