Saturday, 15 September 2007

The charm of novelty

You know how when you move to a new place or change environment for a while, everything is so exciting and intriguing just because it's new - then you become used to it and it is not so exotic anymore, just your every day life.

I remember when I first came to the UK, I was fascinated about so many things, that later on became just normal to me.
For example, the amount of roundabouts in that country, the abundance of traffic signs, the overload of information via the loudspeakers in any train station or airport, the fact that they had people packing your bags at the supermarket, that people who could have been my grandmother worked in McDonald's and many many more "little things".

I don't want to get used to Brunei! I want to keep the fascination I am experiencing at the moment. I want to keep discovering funny, intriguing, curious, different little things. But I guess it is inevitable, eventually everything here will feel normal too.

I will try to keep my mind fresh though, so that I still can be intrigued from time to time!

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