Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Birthday summary

Yesterday was a very nice day, so he says anyway, the birthday boy. We are happy he was pleased!

Most of the day we spent driving around running errands, but we also got a huge chocolate cake and invited the Scotts, the Turners and the Hamblys around for 'fika' (=coffee and cake). I was very happy I knew where I had the candles for the cake - but then I couldn't find any matches, so we had to just pretend the candles were lit...

In the evening we had Lisa (our part-time amah) to come and look after the kids while we went to Senja Lounge to have dinner, with the new wine-bag-thingy properly kitted out. (Still feels a bit silly to bring a cool bag with you out, but there you go!) Food was very yummy, and it was a lovely evening with just the two of us.

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