Thursday, 27 September 2007

First visit to the post office

Today we went to the post office, because we had received a slip about a package that needed to be picked up.

It took (at least) half an hour in the queue to buy stamps for two letters, then we had to go to another queue to get our package - fortunately with only one person before us.
Then, we had to open the package then and there, in front of some customs officer. It was some toys that Mormor and Morfar had sent (thank you!), so we didn't ruin the surprise for the kids, they could still open it, again, when we got home.

So far we are not too impressed with the postal delivering. Mail from Europe has taken weeks to reach us, not sure quite where it all goes wrong though - could also be hung-ups with the redirection in the UK I guess.
We have applied for a post box, so that our mail will arrive there in stead of to the airline. We think eliminating one part of the chain, might get the mail to us quicker.

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