Wednesday, 26 September 2007

EFIT - Tuesday 25.09.2007

06.40 Breakfast time. We have started setting the table the night before, since every minute counts in the morning!

07.20 Time for school run: mandarin folder, lunch bag and change bag.

08.55 We took our Jura coffee machine with us from the UK - still so in love with it!

09.45 Checking news and email, a bit of a quiet time, just me, my coffee and my Mac.

11.30 Doing some shopping. We only had one noodle when we got here, so obviously, we had to get another one - so they will have one each.

12.30 Picking Lucas up from school. Lunch boxes left out so the parents can check what's left and what's gone.

13.00 Lunchtime, my favourite - sushi. Not quite the kids favourite, but they liked the way lunch got served! Choo-choo!

14.00 After school, a bit of Lego-play is always good fun!

15.10 The maintenance guy is mowing our tiny lawn.

16.15 At the supermarket, about to entry "the naughty section", to get some bacon and ham.

17.30 Not much time to cook, got home late from shopping. Lazy dinner, pizza...

18.15 Time for a bit of "Sponge Bob Square pants" before bedtime, and I'm going to upload the photos from today and spend the rest of the evening in front of the tv for a change.

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