Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Lucas school

Today we have been to visit Lucas school, Jerudong International School - or JIS, as they call it here. Actually, he is going to go to Kindergarten now for a year, before he starts proper school, but everybody seems to refer to it as school anyway.

We said hello to his new teacher, and had a play in his room. We also visited the library, cause the go there once a week; we saw the swimmingpool since they do swimming every Friday - and the music class and ICT (computing) room, which they also do! Yes, they are busy, busy!

We also went past the school shop, and bought his uniform (!), dark red/burgundy polo shirt, and dark blue shorts. And a special outfit for his PE (gymnastics) too, white polo shirt, and dark blue sports shorts. He is going to look so cute! Photos will follow on Monday of course.

Lucas didn't want to leave once I had finished talking to his teacher, so I trust he will be just fine on Monday. He is really looking forward to meeting some new friends!

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