Saturday, 8 September 2007

Five things

Five good things with this house:
- The shower is really powerful, I like showers with a bit of 'oumph'!
- It doesn't have carpets, makes it easier for a lot of the play for the kids.
- The location is super, have I understood now that I'm starting to find my way around a bit.
- Loads of storage space, see previous post.
- It gets cleaned by someone else! ;)

Five bad things with this house:
- The kitchen is really dark, cause no light reaches in to it's tiny window. Have to turn on the lights even in the middle of the day.
- It doesn't have carpets, when the kids shout or scream, it echoes like mad - we need to buy some rugs, urgently!!!
- The "garden" is a jungle/swomp, and I'm a bit afraid of the not-so-friendly-animals that might come close to the house...
- The livingarea layout isn't very good, the toys are unevitably taking over the whole of the living area.
- The fridge is far too small for a family of four. Need to go to the shop far to often, cause there is no room for a weekly shop.

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