Tuesday, 11 September 2007

House hunting

As you know, we are living in acomodation provided by RBA. It's perfectly fine albeit a bit small, for us, since we are planning on having lots of visitors! ;)

You can stay here as long as you want to, but most people tend to look for their "own" house (rented, foreigners are not allowed to own property here); either within the RBA allowance or you can of course add on as much as you please out of your own pocket.
We are in no hurry though, we would rather find the house that is perfect for us - in style and layout, and locationwise, than stress into something half-good.

But some of you have asked what kind of houses we are looking at. How do the houses look like in Brunei. Well, we are looking at houses kind of like this one which we saw yesterday:

And this house is WITHIN the RBA limit (which is $1800=£580, 6400DKK or 8000SEK)!!!
We havn't found the perfect house yet though. Will keep you posted!

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